Thursday, May 5, 2011

My little brothers

              Little brothers are like apples. Some times they are sweet but other times they are sour, grumpy and just down right mean. Right now when Joey needs me most I will be there for him. Iv been there for him through thick and thin. We may fight a lot but i care about him. I need to focus on the importance and forget about past and some of the present. this is the worst iv seen him and i feel really bad for him. His nose was gushing blood, Hes getting a huge rash and a fever. Poor guy. : ( Any way Deco and Sonny just went through this too but its star testing and Joeys missing it all but he is getting a make up test. Its been a hard week for all of us but we are making it through.That's whats happening now. I will blog later about some things that are happening. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Hi Marysa!
    I could have only wished to have had a sister like you when I was young! I am in awe of how caring and concerned you are about your brother. You actually remind me a lot of myself and your Mother: people loving caretakers :)

    btw- I really like your analogy of comparing brothers to apples, you are a talented writer!