Thursday, May 5, 2011

My little brothers

              Little brothers are like apples. Some times they are sweet but other times they are sour, grumpy and just down right mean. Right now when Joey needs me most I will be there for him. Iv been there for him through thick and thin. We may fight a lot but i care about him. I need to focus on the importance and forget about past and some of the present. this is the worst iv seen him and i feel really bad for him. His nose was gushing blood, Hes getting a huge rash and a fever. Poor guy. : ( Any way Deco and Sonny just went through this too but its star testing and Joeys missing it all but he is getting a make up test. Its been a hard week for all of us but we are making it through.That's whats happening now. I will blog later about some things that are happening. Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family and Easter

     Easter is a big part of my life. I get to meet up with old family and friends. I'm going to my aunt Terri's house with my cousins Garrett and Connor. My brother Joey and I are going to spend the night there. We are so excited to spend Easter there with the family. We are going on an Easter egg hunt at church. We are also going to have a big feast at her house too. I forgot to mention my uncle Gary. He is really nice. My aunt Julie, uncle Matt, cousin Kaiden, and cousin Audrey are coming to Terri's house on Friday night. The night me and Joey are staying. I love Easter so much. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Being in a band

         About a week ago I was playing in my dad's band. I played the drums. We sounded really good. All the members names are Paul,Charles and Matt. The experience of being in a band was unexplainable. In a good way. We got it on a CD. The band thought i was really good. Dad says that i may be able to go to another practice.

Monday, January 17, 2011

President Barack Obama a 4th Grade Oral report

President Barack Obama

Prop #1 Small baby: Barack was born August 4th 1961. His father’s name was Barack. He’s from Africa. His mother Ann is from USA, Kansas.
Prop #2 Barack sign: As you know president Barack was named after his father and the name Barack is from Africa and it means blessed. And blessed he is.

Alone sentence:Sadly his parents devorced when he was only two but he did not see his father until he was ten. Luckly his mother got remarried to Lolo from Indonesia.
Prop #3 Basketball: His mother sent him to his grandparents to live and his new hobby was basketball.
Prop#4 Babies: In 1985 he left and started to volunteer places like read books to children.
Prop#5 Vail: Barak Obama got married to Michelle Robinson who was a lawyer like Barack. He had returned to Chicago were his old job was, to marry her in 1992.
Prop#6 Name & year signs: Years later in 1998 they had a girl named Malia and three years later they had a girl named Sasha.
Prop#7 Pics of S.C & J.J: President Obama wasn’t the first to try towin nomination that was black but he is the first to win. Shirley Chisholm tried and so did Jesse Jackson.
Prop#8 Obama-Biden sign: Some of the Clinton voters wanted Barack her for Vice President. Instead he picked Joe Biden. Senator Joe Biden was going to run for president until Barack asked him to be Vice Presedent. Then people started wearing Obama-Biden pins.

Alone: Republicans were voteing for John McCain a vietnam war hero. John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, four year running govenor of Alaska.
Prop#9 Pink Sweater & glasses: The only time he left was to visit his old frail grandmother who was about to have her 86th birthday. Sadley she died two days before the election. But he did not give up hope.
Prop#10 8 Million Sign: When Obama won the election he won by Eight million votes. African Americans, Hispanic, Aisans and whites all votes for him.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stuff you can get on Club penguin

On Club Penguin you can buy clothes,shoes,hats,hair,and stuff for your igloo.You can also buy different igloos like a pizza parlor,a stage for a movie,a blue and pink castle,an igloo with a yard,a pink igloo,and for the non members a small White igloo.For the stuff you can put in your igloo you can put in a DJ,an oven,a spy camera,a garden,a sink,a pet,stuff for your pets,a table,a rug,and you can play music.